About me

About me
My name is Maya and I am your Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner based in Poole, Dorset. I have completed an extensive training with one of the best trainers in the field- James Murphy from HairlineInc clinic. This amazing trainer has provided a very detailed  sessions that covered all aspects of Scalp Microblading to greatly build my knowledge and confidence in being able to provide only the best SMP procedure.
He has even assisted me with my first clients to ensure my skill set is at the high standard required for creating a very natural look that is a trademark of his, and now my clinic.
I was lucky enough to be trained by this absolute SMP guru and to build my reputation on high quality and skillful treatments I am able to provide.

Having a family member who struggled with a slow but imminent hair loss over years, I was often finding myself searching for a solution. I cannot tell you how many different products we found and trialed just to be back to square one, admitting the defeat and having to accept that ‘nothing really works’.
Until I discovered SMP! This simple yet effective treatment meant that there is a solution that actually works and that hair loss problem can be aided on a more permanent and effective bases. Since I discovered it, I have witnessed just how much this solution can change people’s lives and give them freedom from so many years of concentrating on hair loss problem.

SMP procedure discretely brings back a naturally looking hairline that after a while becomes like your own and your new look makes you smile, hence the name - Smiling hairline.

I welcome you to join me and put a stop to your hair loss problem once and for all with fantastic result.