Pricing of your treatment

The cost of your SMP treatment is calculated by using a simple pricing system which depends on individual skin type and the stage of hair loss and according to these factors personal sessions plan. Price starts from £450 for a smaller area that needs to be treated up to £2500 for a full head cover, depending on how many treatment sessions are needed. I pride myself with the quality of my work and the confidence you can have in your new look that is going to last.

Touch Up Treatment

When it comes to maintaining your new look you should not expect a great deal of effort as your look will last for several years before you will require a touch up treatment. This period ranges between 3 to 5 years depending on correctly following the aftercare advice but also depending on individual skin type and personal life style. Touch up session aims to refresh any potential fading of the originally applied colour and can be completed in one or two corrective treatments.

Please use our Contact page to get in touch and we can help create your personal SMP treatment plan, that will clarify the price of your treatment and the touch up sessions.